I am 21 years old and I have been diagnosed with PCOS and Hereditary Angioedema within the past few years. I have started to make a better and healthier life for myself. This is my blog to document my life.


i just had the shittiest night. yay.


I would like to ask tumblr for help. I designed a ribbon for my disease (hereditary angioedema) since there was no ribbon. Many of my fellow swellers have expressed interest in my ribbon and my idea of making it into tangible items. My only problem is the funds. I want to make the products as nice as possible, but that costs more. I have started a fund to help raise the needed money. I hope to be able to make these products in time for the next HAE day (may 16, 2014). If you can contribute even $1 I will be eternally grateful. If not, will you please pass the link on? Thank you.


And please check out my official website: www.haeribbon.org

So….my little brother keeps annoying me to play BTOB WOW dance practice cause he loves Changsub at the end. And he sings along to the song. I have created a little monster lmao

Fem!Hyunsik or L for Halloween. I can’t decide.

Fem!Hyunsik for Halloween?

(I don’t have white pants or a white hat. I made do with what I have. Lol)

I shouldn’t be stargazing, it makes me miss you too much. The music doesn’t help either.

Things you do not have to feel guilty about


  • Saying no sometimes
  • Wanting to be alone sometimes
  • Saying no to sex
  • Saying yes to sex
  • Not being sure about your life career
  • Deciding to study instead of going out
  • Getting rid of the toxic people in your life
  • Ending a relationship that is hurting you
  • Not liking the things everyone else likes




my mom said if this post got 50,000 notes she would buy me a hot asian boyfriend


she says there’s no way that tumblr cares enough



we’re getting you this hot asian boyfriend